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Bird seed feeders are a marvellous addition to any garden or backyard. The sight of birds flocking to feast on the contents of a bird feeder is enough to keep observers young and old entranced for many an hour, whilst the birds themselves can benefit hugely from the supplementary food supply that is available to them.

A well-stocked and carefully located seed feeder will soon entice a number of beautiful birds into your garden, each variety displaying its own distinctive colours and characteristics. You'll soon find yourself identifying blue tits, coal tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, goldfinches, sparrows and not to forget the iconic robin.

Whilst bird seed cannot provide wild birds with all the sustenance they require, it serves as an excellent supplement to naturally occurring food sources such as insects and berries. This is particularly the case during the autumn and winter, when birds require increased amounts of nourishment to ensure their energy levels remain high during the freezing nights. It can literally be the difference between life and death!

There are vast number of bird seed feeders on the market, ranging in price, quality and the variety of features they offer. In addition to the basic plastic seed feeder, there are more elaborate models constructed using wood or steel, and some feeders even offer protection from mischievous squirrels.

This web site explains these types of bird seed feeder in more detail, along with the benefits they offer to both the buyer and the wild birds they are designed to feed. There is also information on maintaining your bird seed feeder to ensure it remains hygienic.

Types of Bird Seed Feeders

Varieties and Features

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As noted above, there are many different types of bird seed feeders available today. All offer the basic capability of dispensing bird seed, but vary greatly in terms of quality and features.

For the budget buyer, there are a number of rudimentary feeders on the market. These are generally made of plastic and feature a clear plastic tube that can be filled with seeds, as well as a hook for hanging. The tube will have feeding ports from which the birds can access the seed, and often the feeder will have perches positioned next to these ports for the birds to land on - making it easier for them to feed. The basic difference between seed feeders and peanut feeders is the latter comprise a mesh that the birds can cling to and through which they can peck at the nuts.

More sophisticated models of feeder often use this same traditional tubular design, but feature stainless steel or aluminium bases and lids; these versions will look a bit classier than the plastic ones and should also last for a longer time. The more advanced models often come with a drainage facility to ensure the food remains dry and fresh. Bird seed feeders are also available in attractive wood designs, for those looking for something with a more rustic appearance.

There are also a variety of formats of bird seed feeder available. Some manufacturers produce tower feeders - extended versions of the basic tube feeder, which will comprise a number of ports facilitating the feeding of a number of birds at one time. Some models come with suction cups so they can be attached to windows - enabling you to observe the birds at very close quarters!

Other models are designed specifically for nyjer seed, a very small seed that flows freely and requires extra small feeding ports. There are even bird seed feeders available that are purpose built to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed - whether it is through a protective sheath (pictured) or a sturdy stainless steel surround.

Bird Seed Feeders

Which Birds and Seeds?

Position a bird seed feeder in your garden and it will quickly lure a number of stunning birds. So which birds in particular should you expect to see - and which seed do they prefer?

The most common seed feeding birds are tits and finches. Blue tits, great tits and coal tits are a frequent sight on bird seed feeders, along with the stunning chaffinch, greenfinch and goldfinch. All of these birds have their own distinctive plumage, making them beautiful to look at and easy to distinguish from each other. Seed feeders will also attract sparrows as well as the robin - perhaps the most famous British garden bird of all.

In terms of the seed they will eat, small seeds (e.g. millet) will entice sparrows, dunnocks and finches, whereas tits and greenfinches prefer sunflower seeds. The RSPB recommends black sunflower seeds as a great all-year-round food, due to their high oil content.

An alternative is nyjer seed, which (as mentioned above) is a very small seed that requires a specialist bird seed feeder. The seeds are also black and rich in oil, and provide an excellent source of energy that will serve birds well particularly in the cold winter months. Nyjer seed ought to attract any siskins, greenfinches and possibly redpolls that exist in the area.

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Winter may be a distant memory, but it's still important to keep feeding the birds in your neighbourhood over the coming months!

Given you are likely to be spending more time enjoying your garden over the summer, there's nothing like sitting outside and enjoying the simple pleasure of watching blue tits, sparrows and finches flocking to your bird seed feeder.


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Bird Seed Feeders

1. Birds seed feeders are a great way of attracting stunning wild birds into your garden

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